CS:GO Team signed up for the Ignis League

We are proud to announce that our CS:GO team will be participating in the Ignis League! "Season 6 is currently Ignis League’s high point containing the highest number of members, viewers, and players. It boasts one of the highest prize pools and top amateur casting. Signups open for season 6 on 18/03/2019 as a first-come-first-served system. Season 6 will support a maximum of 16 teams across Europe and is in hopes of starting 29/04/2019. This season will be the first in which the swiss system for seeding teams will be used, as seen…continue reading →

Soon to be announced. Apex Legends. -New Logo.

We will soon publish our Apex Legends team lineup. It's been under construction for awhile, but we have not updated about it because we wanted to set a solid foundation for it first. Also. We are currently working on redesigning the current team logo. It's about time. If you have any suggestions on style/motive please hop on the teamspeak server or the forums and let us know.continue reading →

New Lineup for CS:GO

We wholeheartedly welcome the new lineup for the CS:GO [A] Team. (For more information about the players please refer to the "Members" page. We are looking forward to see the progress of the team when the new season starts. And wish them the best of luck!continue reading →

Merry Christmas!

It's been an eventful year with a lot of ups and downs. But we have stood strong throughout the hardships and speedbumps that were thrown our way. As the founder and manager I could not be more proud of the strength shown by each individual that has been a part of the team. We will become a force to be reckoned with in the coming year! I'm amazed of how every member has grown as individuals and teammates during this short period of time. I wish that all of you get the Christmas…continue reading →


Greetings!And welcome to the Official Team | XiT FraG webpage.Our site is currently under construction so please note that some featuresmight not work.More information to come. Stay tuned!To contact us, please go to our forums.continue reading →